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Fears of a car accident near the Crosby children’s playground

Concerns rose after a car crashed through a fence near a children’s play area in a West Cumbrian village.

The incident occurred in Crosby on Monday evening.

A Cumbria Police spokeswoman confirmed they had been called and that a vehicle was involved. No injuries were reported.

The incident comes after a campaign by local residents to reduce the speed limit in the village from 40 to 30 mph.

Now, Region MP Mark Jenkinson met with a number of residents on Thursday and is investigating their concerns.

Father Steve Whitehead said, “We have tried to reduce the speed limit through a number of channels.

“People get sick and tired, and we’re not going to let that go with the district council.

“We don’t want a child to be killed in the village.”

Mr Whitehead said residents are coming together on social media to see what can be done to promote the 30 mph speed limit.

Councilor Eddie Martin, vice chairman of the Crosscanonby Parish Council, said: “We are very concerned about the safety of the village.

“I have no idea how the car got into the play area – it was lucky no kid was playing there at the time.”

“We explained to our MP, Mr. Jenkinson, how cars race through the village.”

Mr. Jenkinson said, “I have been in contact with residents since last year and have discussed some possible problems and solutions.

“There are a number of things the local council should think about, especially with the kids in this corner of the park.”

The News & Star asked the county council for comment, but they couldn’t send one before we went to print.


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