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“I’m sorry to have hit your car, but not to give my details because your car sucks” – mother amazed at the message from a rude driver

A mother says she was amazed at the message a rude driver left on her car.

Sarah Hall returned to her car parked on Market Place in Ramsbottom Tuesday morning and found a slip of paper that said, “Sorry about crashing into your car.

They even said goodbye with “have a nice day, merry Christmas and a happy new year”.

Sarah, of Radcliffe, Bury, says she can’t even see any damage to her Suzuki Celerio that she found with mirrors pushed in and wipers out – other than the one holding the slip of paper.

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Sarah Hall had left a note on her car

The mother of two, who works at Cohen’s chemist near the market square, shared a photo of the note on Facebook to find the person responsible.

“My car is fine. I’m just curious who made it?” Sarah, 30. “My car sucks, but only I can say that,” she joked.

“All mirrors were pushed in and the windshield wipers flipped up, except for the one on which the note was on.”

The note on her windshield

She has had the 2015 car for nearly two years after paying £ 4,500 for it and says it is “in decent shape”.

“I don’t think the note is real as I can’t see any damage,” she added. “If I’m not so stupid, I can’t see it.”

“I just want to know who’s behind it.”

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