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Lewisham arrested after a man was found with car keys in his underpants

A man was arrested following an ordeal in Lewisham with car keys found in his underpants.

According to police, a person was seen racing towards Rushey Green in SE7 – and so a stop was made.

They then reported that the driver was not insured – although the suspect insisted he could prove his insurance on his phone.

Officials say he was given time to do this but could not – so they asked him to get off the vehicle, but he allegedly refused.

Police added that although the vehicle was blocked to prevent leaving the scene, the vehicle moved away from police by driving on the sidewalk.

One of the officers reportedly crashed into another car, bruising his arm.

According to the police, the suspect “kept attacking other officers” and then ran away.

The vehicle was found abandoned shortly afterwards.

The suspect was then reportedly found hiding in a garden on Wearside Road.

He was subjected to a body search in custody and car keys belonging to the vehicle were found in his underpants, the police said.

The man was deliberately arrested on suspicion of omission, failure to stop, lack of insurance, dangerous driving, non-compliant driving and attempted GBH.


Great work by Response Team B #Lewisham and CID👍

The man was arrested for failure to perform, not stopping, lack of insurance, dangerous driving, driving inconsistent with a driver’s license and willfully attempting GBH

Read the full story here 👇

– Lewisham MPS (@MPSLewisham) December 13, 2021

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