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Life at the wheel with a car delivery man

Fatigue is the deadliest enemy

“Sometimes you’re constantly fighting sleep. There’s only so many cans of Red Bull you can drink. But sometimes you can’t resist it and you have to stop. I was sleeping in a parking bay the other day and woke up to find a truck parked with the trailer almost touching the front of my car. For a moment I thought I had drifted and still woke up while driving and wanted to ram his rear end. I instinctively hit the brakes. After that I was wide awake.”

Don’t talk to me about truckers

“The police are targeting drivers like me with commercial license plates because they know we have deadlines to meet and therefore assume we are speeding. You should give truckers the same attention, because I see them drinking beer and playing slot machines at gas stations on their breaks. The police should stop them to examine them and assess if they are too tired to drive.”

The pros and cons

“I’m tired, I don’t eat well, I rarely exercise and I have to fund all my expenses upfront and reclaim them, which can be difficult. But I can drive nice cars…

Paul’s tips for working as a driver

Costs: “You’re only doing the work for the money, so it’s important that it’s not at your expense. Choose a company with a reasonable expense policy that covers travel expenses, necessary accommodations, and provides you with a fuel card so you don’t have to prepay for fuel.”

Time plans: “A well-planned pickup and delivery schedule is crucial. How many kilometers does the company expect you to drive in a day? What mileage allowances does it charge for jobs? And does it account for travel time between places if a car isn’t available?’

Administration: “Avoid managers who see you as just a number. You want someone who will remember your name and treat you with respect.”


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