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Mirfield’s husband jumped out of the car to bring the pedestrian back to life two or three times after collapsing in the street

A Mirfield man described how he brought a pedestrian back from the dead “two or three times” by giving him CPR on the side of the road.

Daniel Sheard, 39, was driving home on Friday morning (March 19) when he noticed a man lying next to a bus on Huddersfield Road in Mirfield.

After stopping, Daniel immediately began CPR when he noticed the man was not breathing.

Speaking to YorkshireLive, he said, “Nobody really knew what to do. I just started doing CPR on him.

“He was completely blue and he wasn’t breathing. I brought him back about two or three times.”

The 39-year-old said he gave the man continuous CPR for about 20 minutes before paramedics were on site.

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“I just thought I had to try to save this man,” he said. “It was foaming at my mouth and I knew I had to do my best to get around it.

“He was breathing when the ambulance arrived.”

Laura, who works in a street pharmacy, was there to help Daniel in his endeavor.

She recalled, “Somebody ran into our pharmacy and asked for help, so I went out and saw the man right away.

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“He fell backwards and broke the back of his head – he wasn’t breathing. Daniel gave him CPR, so I ran to get the defibrillator.

“Daniel made him breathe again, but every time he stopped (gave CPR) the man stopped breathing.

“I held his hand and we kept talking to him. I kept saying things like, ‘Come on, keep breathing, you are really fine.’

“Then the paramedics showed up and took him away.”

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Daniel is now looking for information about the condition of the man – whom he only knows as Matthew.

On Friday he wrote on the Mirfield Matters Facebook group: “Everyone has some information about the guy I resuscitated (sic) this morning in Mirfield around 10:30 am as it’s going on in my head.”

And he said to YorkshireLive, “I would like to know how he’s doing and if he’s okay.

“Something drew me to him that day – I’d love to meet him if I can.”


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