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Moneyshake research has shown that new car renters are aiming for shorter contracts and shorter terms

  • Inquiries about the shortest lease (24 months) have doubled in the last six months.
  • Inquiries for 5,000 annual mileage contracts have increased from 5% to 35% in the last six months.

Moneyshake CEO, Just Lovatt, commented, “We have seen a dramatic change in the market as more people are working from home due to the pandemic and travel restrictions, which means that the use of cars in general is declining. An increase in the demand for contracts with lesser ones Mileage and short-term agreements are the key underpinning customer confidence in today’s climate. In light of these trends, the company continues to develop products that allow customers to optimize their options and get the best deal, so we can gain customer confidence in complicated transactions to guarantee. “

Alongside this trend, Moneyshake has also seen tremendous acceptance among electric cars. In their recent customer survey, they found that 85% of new car buyers are now considering an electric car for their next vehicle.

This growing desire for electric vehicles can be explained by a number of factors. Much of the stigma surrounding electric vehicles – such as high asking prices and a lack of charging infrastructure – is being removed day by day. Manufacturers continue to release models at competitive prices with a reasonable range. The UK also currently has more EV charging points than gas stations – another encouraging sign of nationwide adoption. After all, with the ban on new gasoline and diesel cars by 2030, a national increase in electric car adoption over the next ten years is only natural.

Moneyshake, which launched its website back in 2019, is using digital solutions to bring people the best rental car deals from the UK’s top providers. After a successful first quarter in 2021, in which the company posted + 110% year-over-year revenue growth, the company will deliver breakthrough technologies that will further simplify key purchasing decisions.

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