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Motors.co.uk ‘How to Car’ Series 2 – Episode One: Dream First Car

Getting your first set of wheels is incredibly exciting. That chance of being in control of where you’re going is exhilarating, which is why choosing your first car is a pretty big deal. It’s something that thousands of people do every year, but it’s actually a very personal choice when it counts.

There is a lot to consider when choosing your first car, but luckily we need to keep a few important pointers in mind. Check out our latest How to Car video here to kick off the second season – it’s all about getting your perfect first car.

Look past the price tag

It can be easy to get involved in the direct cost of a car. You have set yourself a budget and – Boom – found a car that suits you exactly. But there is a lot more to consider than just buying the car yourself.

Insurance is of course the biggest consideration. For many new drivers, it could be more than the cost of the car, so it’s worth doing your research here. Choose a variety of models and get some offers. This means that you will be better prepared and informed to make a decision based not only on the price of the car, but the cost of insurance as well. You should also consider taxes, MOT costs, and the amount you will have to pay to top up. Check this beforehand and avoid any unwanted surprises.

Consider black box insurance

Can’t find an insurance policy that works for you? One that uses a black box can help lower the cost of a premium. They monitor your driving style, how fast you drive and how hard you brake in order to assess your premium costs. Drive more sensibly and you will go down; Become a careless driver and you will see them shoot up. It is definitely an incentive to drive carefully.

New or used?

There’s the ubiquitous discussion about whether it’s new or used for your first car. For example, a new car may seem expensive at first, but thanks to low-interest PCP systems, it may be cheaper than you think. You will also receive additional warranty coverage to protect you from expensive repairs.

There’s a catch, of course. New cars lose their value much faster than used ones – so you’ll notice a sting if you buy outright – while these PCP financing agreements require a chunky final payment if you feel like owning them in the end. If you want to learn more about financing a car, you can watch our video from season one here.

When you buy second hand, you don’t have to pay that much up front. When you can buy it right away, you have less to worry about with no payment schedules or interest. You can of course still use a used Auto PCP or other payment method.

However, used cars have shorter guarantees – or sometimes none at all. You may also have to pay more for maintenance and repairs, which hurts your savings over a new car.

Make sure you are familiar with it

No matter which car you choose, make sure you are familiar with it. Of course, it is unlikely that you will be able to take a test drive. So take someone with you who has experience with cars and they can tell you what they can feel. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or worry about walking away, either. If you are not happy, you can always choose a different car. In fact, there is an abundance of cars on Motors.co.uk right now. So check out our features on the best cars for first-time drivers here and here.

Jack Evans

After graduating from Cardiff with a degree in English and Creative Writing, Jack is now a full-time car writer at Blackball Media. His love for cars stems from his childhood when he started to live and breathe everything.

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