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Plymouth’s mother wrecks ex’s car in front of his new girlfriend’s house

An angry mother scratched her ex-partner’s car in front of his new girlfriend’s house so badly that it was written off, a court heard.

40-year-old Sophie Appleby inflicted more than 2,500 pounds of damage on the Toyota Lexus.

The man and his partner woke up at night because they heard a noise – and saw them destroy every panel on the vehicle.

The mother of two later threw a glass of water at a detention officer at a police station, Plymouth Crown Court heard.

A judge told Appleby that he sentenced her on the grounds that the car was “not worth very much”.

Recorder Simon Levene said that her relationship with her former partner was considered “toxic”.

The judge said to her, “At least at first sight, you are the criminal and he is the victim, but I’m not sure it’s that easy.”

Angry Sophie Appleby, 40 years old, scratched her ex-partner’s car

“I’m sure what you are saying, and what the prosecution is saying, is a lot more than what you think.”

He handed Appleby, who is expecting her third child in November, a two-year parole and ordered her to pay the officer £ 50 in compensation.

Appleby, of Carbis Close, Whitleigh, pleaded guilty on September 10th last year and attacked an emergency worker early in the morning the next day.

Holly Rust of the Crown Prosecution Service said she broke up with her partner about two months earlier.

She added that he parked his car in front of his new partner’s house, but they were woken by a noise.

Miss Rust said the couple made sure Appleby scratched every trim on the car.

The attorney added that it was estimated that it would cost more than £ 2,500 to re-spray the body and that the Lexus was written off.

Miss Rust said the defendant later threw a glass of water in the face of the male detention officer.

Ali Rafati for Appleby said she had two children and was back with a former partner and was expecting a third.

He added that “there was a lot of alcohol in her relationship with the Lexus owner”.

Mr Rafati said, “She was on a very low point and she got drunk and scratched his car.”

The lawyer said she had “always worked” and hoped to go back to work after the birth of her child.

The court heard that she had worked at House of Fraser for a number of years.


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