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Police confiscate teenagers’ catapults that they fired in the Ashford car park

Three catapults were removed from a group of teenagers after they used them to fire objects from a parking lot in the city center.

Ashford police seized the guns today after reports they were being used in the city.

Three catapults were confiscated by Ashford police. Photo: @kentpoliceash on Twitter

A tweet from the Ashford Police Team included a photo of the catapults, one with the Catty Shack brand.

Similar ones online cost £ 13.95.

Ashford was previously referred to as Kent’s catapult crime capital.

Earlier this year, a cat named Trousers had a broken nose and a hole in the face after being hit with a catapulted ball bearing.

In March, several cars were damaged, including broken windows, after a spate of attacks.


This resulted in police enforcing a weekend spread order in South Ashford due to the number of attacks.

Catapult purchase is legal and can be taken anywhere unless the owner intends to cause injury.

The police have been asked for more details about today’s incident.


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