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Residents after explosion worried car in Bethlehem | news

BETHLEHEM, Pennsylvania – “My fiance looks at me like what the hell is going on,” said Tom Bonilla.

“It was a loud bang, I mean, we were literally lifted out of bed and the flash was so bright,” said Mark Levy and Laura Coen.

5th Avenue in Bethlehem shook when a car exploded around midnight on Saturday. An Audi sedan was seen badly damaged by the explosion on Sunday morning. People who live on the block panicked.

“I thought it was worse than what we see there. I thought someone’s house was going to have a hole in it. I thought my home had a hole just because of the blow we were feeling. It literally rocked us out of bed, “said Bonilla.

“We just came out to see what was going on. Neighbors come out of their house all night, go ahead, here comes the fire department, here comes the police,” said Levy.

According to the residents, the fire brigade and police could be seen there until 3 a.m. A neighbor tells us that immediately after the explosion, she noticed a sulfur-like smell that seemed like the smell of fireworks. There’s still no official word on what caused the explosion, and it’s unclear if it’s a criminal investigation, but neighbors say evidence has been drawn and the whole block has been lit. Still, the car is broken.

“I don’t know much about cars, but I don’t even know how that is possible,” said Bonilla.


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