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The 21-year-old policewoman was injured after potential thieves rammed a police car after an attempted robbery

A police officer went to the hospital tonight after being injured when thieves rammed their patrol car after attempting to rob a business park.

A manhunt is underway after the 21-year-old policewoman was injured in the Atherton accident and the car was found abandoned nearby.

Police said they had been called tonight over reports of break-ins into units at the Bluebell Business Park on Bolton Road in the city of Wigan.

A GMP spokesman said when officers arrived in a patrol car they found the gates to the construction site closed so they parked their car in front of the gates.

The two officers then got out of their vehicle but saw a vehicle approaching the gates.

CSI officers on site tonight

An officer jumped back into the vehicle, but at that point the car, a blue-hued Kia, hit the gates and then the patrol car before it drove off.

The impact shattered the passenger window of the police car, leaving the officer who had jumped back into the vehicle injured.

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She suffered cuts on her arms from the broken glass and also had back pain.

The officer, who is said to have recently joined the force, went to the hospital to be examined.

The offending car was found abandoned nearby shortly afterwards. The GMP spokesman said the culprits “did well in their escape”.

Police said attempts are underway to track down the culprits following the incident at Bluebell Business Park in Atherton

The vehicle has now been recovered for forensic analysis.

Tools were found in the car, but no stolen goods. It is believed that they attempted to break into a number of units at the time, but nothing was stolen.

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Investigations are currently underway in which detectives are trying to track down those responsible.

Crime Scene Forensic Investigators (CSI) were among those in attendance tonight.

The police ask witnesses or persons with information to call them anonymously on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.


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