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The council confirms that travelers have left the Carlisle Council parking lot

Travelers who camped in a downtown parking lot have now left, the local authority says.

Carlisle City Carlisle confirmed yesterday (Thursday) morning that the group had left Castle Car Park next to Bitts Park.

Their arrival last weekend had generated a strong reaction from readers and the council warned them that if they do not continue, they will take action.

The camp consisted of about nine caravans along with accompanying vehicles.

Earlier this week, a council spokeswoman said, “We know that a small warehouse has been set up in the Castle parking lot.

“Our officers have carried out a welfare check and are being notified.

“This will encourage vehicles to continue driving within the next 24 hours.

“If you don’t move on, we’ll take further legal action.”

Last May, residents were furious after a travel camp was set up next to a housing estate in Carlisle Park.

About nine RVs and trailers, with a large number of accompanying cars and vans, are set up in the park on Low Moor Avenue on Durdar Road in Blackwell.

About four police officers were present at the time, speaking to the travelers

One resident, who did not want to be named, said, “They arrived yesterday, there were a lot of them and they were driving through the park, they were very noisy and the police came.”

Readers expressed a number of views upon arriving in the palace car park.

Leslie Little said, “It’s a paid parking lot, traffic cops should see if they paid.”

Dale Clapperton said, “It’s a parking lot, not a trailer park, the sign says the obvious.”

Jinty Wilson said, “I would get a parking ticket.”

Julie Harding wrote, “Keep moving it, it’s a much-needed pay and exhibit parking lot.”

David Smith said, “I wish the Allerdale Borough Council would act like Carlisle City Council, our lot is hopeless.”

Lena Mcallister said, “The council caused this problem by recently closing the only transit point in Carlisle. These people have nowhere to stay.”

Nigel Scratch said, “Let them go, they don’t stay long anyway and it keeps a tradition alive. I’d rather the councils invest the time to fix the roads we pay for.”

Jake Carney wrote: “Leave them, they’re parked downstairs where no one is parking anyway.”


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