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Travel Damage Potters International Hotel Parking Lot in Aldershot | UK | news

Joanne Potter, from The Potters International Hotel in Aldershot, Hampshire said a group illegally camped in the parking lot from March 26-29. They only left after private bailiffs were hired, reports Hampshire Live.

But Ms. Potter claims she found several hotel signs smashed, trash and toilet litter strewn on the floor, and the hotel gates broken.

She thinks: “It will cost a fortune to replace everything, it’s just pointless vandalism. There is no sign that is not damaged and this is the last thing we need.

“We weren’t open yet and didn’t need these additional costs at the time. It’s an absolute shame.”

Dog and chicken litter was also left on the premises, the shop owner added.

The hotel was already experiencing financial difficulties due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Ms. Potter estimates that £ 5,000 will now be spent on repairs and cleanups.

She claims, “Anyone who can have a traveling life should do well with them, and I wish I could do the exact same thing, but please don’t devalue other people’s hard work.”

“We’re a big company, but can you imagine someone smaller having to deal with this? It’s appalling.”

Bob Potter, co-owner of the hotel, claims, “I am devastated by the behavior of people in destroying someone’s property in this way. If they did, I wouldn’t mind their staying, but I can’t stand it. ” that over and over again. “

The hotel has since placed blocks at the entrance to the parking lot to prevent others from stopping overnight.

After the incident, Ms. Potter got the Gypsy, Roma and travel community respect private companies.

She said, “I want to reach out to the community and say please just think about the country you are arriving in and just have some respect and don’t leave a mess.

“Do you have some thoughts for the landowners who are already struggling with Covid, this has made the whole thing even more stressful.”

The police are investigating the alleged behavior.

A spokesman for the Hampshire Constabulary said: “We received a report of an unauthorized warehouse in the parking lot of the Potters International Hotel in Aldershot on March 26th and our officers visited the site to assess the situation.

“We have also received reports of criminal damage to bricks and a flower bed. The camp moved on by itself on March 29th.”

Hampshire Live has invited comments from friends, families, and travelers. Friends, Families and Travelers is a national charity advocating for all gypsy, Roma and travel communities.


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