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WATCH: Young racing drivers who plowed into an innocent man’s car are locked up

The consequences of the crash

James-Jay Walters, Daniel Tandy and Jack Coyne were driving double the speed limit in Solihull in a 30-mile zone in Solihull when Walters plowed into the innocent driver circling a roundabout.

The young men are all now behind bars while a teenage passenger from one of the cars was given a suspended sentence after trying to hide who one of the drivers was.

CCTV footage of the July 2019 crash was shared by West Midlands Police with the permission of the victim’s family.

In the footage, the three men Ford Fiesta, BMW and Audi can be seen overtaking and cutting up vehicles as they speed down Stratford Road in Shirley at speeds of up to 120 km / h.

Forensic collision specialists discovered that Walters, who was behind the wheel of the Fiesta, was traveling at 100 km / h when he hit the victim’s Audi at a roundabout known locally as the Porcelanosa Roundabout.

The video shows the Fiesta crashing into the side of the man’s car, throwing it on its side and into nearby signposts.

The 60-year-old driver was seriously injured and is still recovering almost two years later, West Midlands Police said.

Jack Coyne was imprisoned for three years James Walters was imprisoned for 18 months

18-year-old Walters of Gorleston Road, Yardley Wood, was jailed for 18 months after admitting serious injuries from dangerous driving.

Tandy, 23, of Highters Road, Highters Heath, pleaded guilty and was imprisoned for 20 months.

18-year-old Coyne, of Sisefield Road, Kings Norton, also admitted serious injuries from dangerous driving and was jailed for three years after being convicted of several other offenses, including aggravated and attempted theft.

Morgan Cotterill, a 19-year-old passenger of Jervoise Drive in Northfield, was sentenced to six months in prison for having been perverted on a court case. The sentence was suspended for 18 months.

Pc Anneka Morgan of the West Midlands Police Serious Collision Investigation Division said: “The excessive speed and sheer dangerousness of driving demonstrated by all three drivers in this case are totally unacceptable. The aftermath of what happened that night is just tragic and has left a man with life changing injuries.

“These young men stimulated each other while driving recklessly. Although only one car was involved in the physical collision, we were able to prove that their actions together meant that they were all to blame.

“An innocent man has suffered terrible injuries from which he will never fully recover. We hope today’s sentences send a clear message that competitive racing is not acceptable. It is dangerous and has devastating consequences. What these teens naively viewed as fun has resulted in very serious ramifications.

“Our message is clear, it is dangerous and illegal to drive like this.”


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