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Woman has ‘faith in humanity’ restored by security guard’s kind car park gesture

Jessica Webber had her ‘faith in humanity’ restored by a security guard at a retail park after he spotted her ‘struggling’ in the car park and offered a helping hand

The woman was ‘struggling’ in the car park (stock photo)

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A woman hath heaped praise on a local security guard at a retail park after he helped to restore her “faith in humanity” by performing a selfless act when he noticed her “struggling” in a car park.

Jessica Webber had set out to buy a paintbrush at the Range retail park in Southport, Merseyside, last week, but when she went to pay for parking she realized her contactless payment wasn’t working.

The 48-year-old, originally from Lancashire, had no cash with her and was running out of options until a security guard stepped in and took out his wallet to pay for her parking himself, the Liverpool Echo reports.

Jessica Webber had her ‘faith in humanity’ restored by the security guard


jessica weaver)

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Speaking to the Echo, Jessica said: “I spoke to him on the way in and he told me that contactless payment only had a 50/50 chance of working.

“He saw me struggling to pay for my ticket and that’s when he came over. I told him he didn’t have to go to the trouble but he insisted. It was only 40p but it was just the gesture that meant so much.”

And while the kind gesture may have only set the guard back 40p, Jessica insisted the interaction helped remind her that people aren’t all bad – despite the “horrible things” she often sees on the news.

The woman who moved to Southport four years ago, also said the small act of kindness had made her day, as she shared her hope that more people would do “lovely and positive” things for others.

Jessica had no change on her for the car park


Google street view)

She added: “I think at the beginning of lockdown everyone was supporting each other which was just a lovely and positive thing.

“Now we are seeing all these horrible things happen on the news and there’s just all sorts of negativity. Sometimes I think about what is happening to humanity and then something little like that happens, which was such a small gesture and it makes you think that there are still good people out there.”

And if Jessica ever finds herself at the retail park again, she’s committed to paying the security guard back – with a little extra on top to say thank you.

“If I saw him again I think I’d just like to pay him back his 40p with a little bit of interest,” she said.

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