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Worrying footage shows a woman being hit by a car after a fight outside the pub in Wythenshawe

This is the moment a woman in Wythenshawe was hit by a car after a fight outside a pub.

The woman, who escaped serious injury, was hospitalized after the incident outside the Cornishman Pub on Monday evening (April 12).

Shortly after 7:35 p.m., officials were called to report on a group of people fighting outside the Cornishway public house.

During the altercation, a car hit the woman before another vehicle, police said.

She was hospitalized for treatment for her injuries, which are not believed to be life threatening.

The police scene outside the Cornishway Pub in Wythenshawe

Video recordings capture the moment when the car stands on the sidewalk and collides with the woman who is thrown to the ground.

You can hear the driver beeping his horn before the screams of night owls can be heard.

A group of people quickly took care of the woman before the emergency services arrived at the scene.

An eyewitness said, “I had just come out of the toilet and heard a lot of screams and arguments.

“Cars flew up and down and then a big bang and I saw the car drive up the grass, knock out the bollards on the sidewalk and let the girl fly.”

It is not clear whether the woman was involved in the argument.

On Monday evening, police erected a cordon at the corner of Cornishway and Portway near the Cornishman Pub.

Images from the scene show multiple bollards spreading on the sidewalk after being damaged during the collision.

The police scene on Cornishway on Monday night

The police have started an investigation into the incident.

No arrests were made.

A GMP spokesman said: “Officials were called to Cornishway, Manchester, around 7:35 pm yesterday (Monday April 12) to receive a report on a group of fighters.

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“During the incident, a woman was involved in a collision with a vehicle. It is believed that the vehicle was involved in another collision with another vehicle.

“The woman was taken to the hospital with injuries that were not believed to be life threatening.

“No arrests have been made and the investigation is ongoing.”

Anyone with information should contact the police on 101, quoting the 2555 log dated 12/04/21. Alternatively, details can be passed on anonymously via the independent crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

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