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Car got stuck on the busy Toyota Island driveway from the A38 after an accident

After an accident on a driveway at one of the largest roundabouts in Europe, a car got stuck on the A38.

The consequences of the accident were recorded by a driver’s dash cam.

They said they saw the car – which appears to be a Vauxhall Corsa – by the side of the road on the Toyota Island driveway to Burton at around 5 p.m. on Friday, May 28.

It had two wheels on the curb and the driver’s side of the car hung over the curb.

Two men stood by the vehicle and the witness speculated that they were father and son.

One witness said: “It was 5 pm. It was at the A38 exit from Toyota Island just as you came off duty.

“It looks to me like Dad was dating a teenage son who had an accident on that tight corner. It looked like everyone was fine, luckily.

“The good news was that the police were behind me at the services, so they undoubtedly got there pretty quickly.”

The Staffordshire and Derbyshire Police and West Midlands and East Midlands emergency services have been contacted for more information about the crash.

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