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Police are indicting 13 people after a mass rally of “extremely high risk” cars in Aberdeen

Police have charged 13 men after a mass rally of cars in Aberdeen last month.

More than 80 vehicles participated in the meeting at Queens Links Leisure Park on May 29th.

The chiefs of the street police said tonight that the “possible consequences” of the event should not be underestimated – the risk for “innocent passers-by” who use the amusement park is extremely high.

Videos of the event were circulating on social media, showing cars burning out and motorcycles doing wheelies while being followed by police.

With the help of video surveillance from the area, the officers have now tracked down and charged 13 men between the ages of 19 and 35.

Eight were charged with negligent driving behavior, five with dangerous driving behavior.

Some of the group also confiscated their cars because of the anti-social driving law.

Sergeant Steve Manson of the Roads Department has called the gathering irresponsible

“If you’ve been there expect a knock on the door”

The event was advertised on Facebook as the “Aberdeen Minimeeting”.

In the run-up, those present were appealed to remember that it was a public car park, so it was necessary to make the event “somewhat respectful”.

Road Police Sergeant Steve Manson said, “This wasn’t just a meeting of a few friends.

“This was a large-scale, unauthorized motoring event with significant anti-social behavior and dangerous driving in a busy parking lot with families visiting the entertainment complexes and nearby restaurants.

“The possible consequences of a serious injury or worse for an innocent bystander were extremely high.

“We know there was a minor event the following weekend and we will continue to check CCTV for other violations.

“If you’ve been to one of the events and performed one of these dangerous maneuvers, you can knock on the door of some of our officers.

“This type of driving will simply not be tolerated and we will continue to look for drivers who endanger others and disrupt those who legitimately use the facilities in the Aberdeen Beach area.”


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